I am Margaux, I am Artistic Director who specializes in branding and webdesign. Illustrator a strand Girl Power, and Parisian adoption for 8 years, I take inspiration from everything around me and all that Paris can offer ……

My characters are nonchalant, urban, very often feminine but not only, and sometimes and I have fun creating a universe a little shifted around them to make them live fully.

hi, guys! let me introduce myself a little bit. Lately I am living in Vilnius, Lithuania. For the past 6 years I have been working in graphic design area and my favourite part of it – to create cool, badass, bearded characters.

My created personalities are minimalistic, however, I love to use bright colours and structured shapes. What else should you need to know about me? I am crazy about cats, cycling, basketball, art, parties and of course – taking care of my beard! Yo!

Hello, my name is CheatDeath Gabë. I am a New York City bicycle messenger/food courier. I love nothing more then riding my bicycle; in and out of traffic, while taking and delivering your precious cargo from one destination to another, as fast and convenient as possible (it’s the best way to train your awareness & legs).

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